The Dinner Dilemma

The Dinner Dilemma
Jane is an internet sensation who recently became A list blogger. This change in her life brought so many new blessings including a exclusive invitation for an upcoming dinner event.
Ordinarily, Jane didn’t know what to expect. But she knew it was a big event and could be an opportunity for her to shine and create a good impression.
This particular dinner was Jane's first grand event, and she needed an eye catching outfit. Typical of her, She started panicking and was nervous about what to wear.
She really wanted to wow the crowd with her appearance and create an indelible impression about herself. It was a perfect opportunity for her to flaunt her style and blog. She wasn’t naive that how she dresses is as important as her blog itself.
While she was still thinking of what to wear, her friend Jessica visited. Jane happily broke the news about the invitation to her friend and told her how she found it difficult to get a unique and perfect outfit for the event.
Jessica smiled and told Jane to check Onkarri collections for something outstanding that will make her the center of attention at the event. Small brands are what’s in and they usually have unique custom pieces not found anywhere else.

Jane Obliged and checked out Behold! The first outfit she saw on the website got her attention.  The Black “Blaire” mini denim dress. It was unique, simple, exquisite, and affordable. She bought the dress right away, but that was not the end.
On the dinner day, Jane entered in a grand style and immediately got everybody’s attention. Her outfit made her the cynosure of everybody, including the media. The simplicity and elegance of her outfit made her not only standout, but confirmed the credibility of her blogging ability. She was so happy at the end of the event.

In her words, “ I never knew I could get something so beautiful, unique, and outstanding without spending much.”