Creative Direction

“I design for those who dare to look powerful at meaningful events. Onkarri was created for those who want to stand out, be remembered, and reminisce on these occasions. “

After studying fashion in high school, Karima decided to study finance full time. she realized Fashion design came natural to her, but she wanted expertise from a business perspective in order to leverage her knowledge about how to run a business efficiently. On the flip side, to expand her fashion knowledge, Karima propelled her fashion career by working for Lorraine Schwartz. This was a very pivotal moment for her as Lorraine was a very big name in the luxury jewelry industry. Working for a well-known businesswoman gave her the confidence to drift off to her own entrepreneurial path.

Working with someone as inspirational as Lorraine, who dressed some of the most influential people in the industry such as Michelle Obama, royalties, and Beyoncé pushed me to see the possibilities in pursuing my own dreams. Observing the careful craftsmanship necessary to create beautiful work has been crucial for my career. You have to break the rules and innovate to stay in this industry and that is exactly what I set out to do.

After graduating from college and departing from Lorraine, Karima started her own clothing line while working in a finance position at Wall street firm. It was the beginning of a new challenge in her life: to create a unique brand while competing in a saturated industry. she decided to place simplicity and quality at the forefront of the brand.

From day one, the most crucial task was to design clothes that allowed people to stand out. I wanted to mix colors, patterns, and designs that accentuate the female body. It took me over a year to design and produce the first collection. I am constantly learning and improving.”

Karima started out her brand as a secret. Followers had to retrieve a password in order to access the collection, which gave her an opportunity to quickly grow Onkarri and work with many influencers who wanted to wear her designs at special events. The brand is now available to everyone and is continuously showcasing growth.


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