The Stand out collection was first released 2019. As a concept, the collection was envisioned to resemble softness, freedom, and boldness. The fabric had to be carefully picked to resemble the concept, thus taking months of trial and error. Finally, soft Ostrich feathers were carefully chosen to craft an entire collection of dresses, shoes, and tops. The fabric and cream color choice was very bold and eye catching on the body. It was a unique mixture that allowed the individual to purposely be visible while still maintaining elegance.

“Once I touched the soft Ostrich feathers, I knew the collection would be a success. Its movement in the wind was beautiful and had a soft glow that was very alluring” -Karima


The 2020 Desire collection inspiration came from the dream of socializing outdoors during a time of restriction. Mixing dark and bold cuts throughout the collection was an expression of wishful freedom. We imagined how we wanted to express ourselves at events once the unfortunate pandemic passed. The Desire collection also had innovative designs never before seen with the creation of the “Naomi’ Shoulder Cut Velvet blazer” We really wanted to push the concept of how blazers should look while still creating femininity. We also expanded our shoe collection with the Pink Ostrich fur sandals. We plan to continue to releasee various versions of the Desire collection in the coming seasons.

What is Next?

We plan to release the “Nostalgia and Effortless Collection” January 2020…inspired by the female body.